Attentive Resistance

ENGL210 Introduction to Creative Writing

Third Poem (due Monday 02/18 by 6pm)

By Monday 02/18 at 6pm, write a narrative poem that is a scene or conversation between two people. It can be anywhere between 6-25 lines.

17 thoughts on “Third Poem (due Monday 02/18 by 6pm)

  1. Is life a paradox
    It is a winding maze
    Do we bump into past and present repeatedly
    History repeats itself through people and events
    Do we end up where we are supposed to
    At the finish line and destined to be where we should be

  2. Fire is wild, blazing and booming
    Like a wild stallion blazing across a grassland
    It can look pretty but it causes destruction as it runs
    But is it destructive?
    Is it scary?

    Well yes, this is true.
    Most wild creatures at times can be dangerous and terrifying
    But they also can have this helpful side
    Fire is a helpful creature as well
    Showing a somewhat caring side
    A soft blanket to warm and a tiny sun to warm
    But be weary when handling this beast
    My friend, some animals can bite, scratch and claw when wild
    Tame fire and it can help you through the harshest
    And can be a hero to save your life

  3. The building was gloomy
    Although it was sunny outside
    The curtains surrounded them, it wasn’t at all roomy
    As a girl who smelled like artificial roses sat at a bedside

    Grandma, she whispered Do you remember me?
    Shhh came out of the angel on the bed
    They told me to come that there was a fee to be paid
    One, Two, Three, Four…

    Grandma, What are you counting the girl asked
    Seconds stranger
    They said they wouldn’t be taking care of you much longer
    That’s indeed true

    -Samantha Aversano

  4. Does it matter, how I get There?

    I can make a grand entrance with my golden carriage
    it is imported from Africa, made from real African Gold.

    Should I bring my, 255 Horsepower, 2019 Benz,
    Or perhaps my grandfather’s hooptie.

    If parking is an issue there,
    I am getting a cab, maybe even a bus?

    However and whenever you come,
    you will need to walk from the Gate.

    –Mursal Sediqi

  5. *Corrected*

    Troubled, he asked;
    “Does it matter, how I get There?

    I can make a grand entrance with my golden carriage
    it is imported from Africa, made from real African Gold.

    Should I bring my, 255 Horsepower, 2019 Benz,
    Or perhaps my grandfather’s hooptie.

    If parking is an issue there,
    I should get a cab, maybe even a bus?”

    “However and whenever you come,
    you will need to walk from the Gate.”
    Was the loud reply.

    –Mursal Sediqi

  6. “You can do it.” “It’s not that hard.”
    Lies, but you don’t hear my voice.
    “Smile.” “Eat.” “Speak.” “You’ll feel better.”
    What is better? Can you at least tell me that?
    “You have to at least try.”

    I am trying
    Trying and barely staying afloat
    Trying to force myself to fit your image
    I look in the mirror and I can’t see myself anymore
    Just an empty husk ‘that tried’

    “You’re exaggerating.” “You’re fine.”
    What. Is. Fine?
    I tell myself that word because I think it’s what I’m suppose to say
    But I don’t know what it means

    “Do you- do you want to talk about it?”
    And say what? There’s nothing to say.
    My mind is a black holed abyss
    My voice box disconnected

    I’m short circuiting wires
    And dangling marionette strings

  7. we can restore old honors
    we can preserve white roses
    we can wear slacks and pleated skirts
    we can hide and pray

    fear is old and it’s everywhere like primordial air
    you didn’t have to seek it out or specialize
    everything i need to understand you came from chalkboards and commercials
    where would you even start?

  8. You know whats Funny?
    The ignorant are the most critical
    “I don’t like who you are
    or what you do
    But I don’t want to understand who you are”
    Why is it always about me?
    Why is it never about you?
    I ask you to reflect on yourself but then it’s all about me again
    If you didn’t have me to project onto, what would you have left to hate?

  9. I am leaving.
    With you I leave my most bizarre experiences like the dead bird below your bed.
    I know you have hope I will come back, because I have always been a cat climbing from ceiling to ceiling but never leaving home.
    However, this time I will not come back, that is why I left you the indelible mark of red lipstick on your pillowcase.
    You knew I was always hiding in a black curtain of smoke, chilling and grieving on the highest of my ego.
    I am the shade of your past. I am the constant and disturbing whisper on your ear that repeats how shameful you are when you are with me.
    Am I not right? I was a refugee of my own war, and I was nourishing on your consumed soul.
    Do not miss me this time!

  10. Life’s like a donut hole; I try to complete the world around me but something’s always missing.
    Was it always there, or was it hiding in the shadows with laughter ringing about?
    If it even existed, I want to know it’s name, but even that escapes my memory.

    Then how about you melt down the memories, through the bright lights of a reactor
    instead of thinking about it on a sleepless 2 am?
    Maybe then the bright white will clear your mind and bring new memories.

  11. I miss you. I whisper
    And the tears flow down
    Spilling on the ground.
    Next to your tombstone,
    Where the roses I placed lay
    Caressing the place where your
    Body rests under the earth.
    The wind whistles in my ear
    Reminding me that everything will be ok.

  12. Let’s go back to the 90s and early 2000s.
    Where boys in yellow shirts and navy blue pants,
    can walk along side girls with plaid skirts whose
    Stockings are way to high.
    A time where children could walk home alone and know they were going to make it home.
    A time where there were no innocent bystanders
    and everyone in the neighborhood looked out for each other.
    I know you think times have changed for the better but look around
    Nothing Is Better.

  13. Out in the field, he called for his hand
    Rushing back for whatever his boss needs,
    He asks what he can do.
    His boss merely needed him to finish something trivial,
    He complies,
    Rushing back to finish a hard days work.

  14. I sit in despair, my mind roaming off on it’s own.
    With pain in my heart and frustration running through my veins.
    Questioning myself as if I’m in a test, wondering what’s the best solution;
    Doubting every decision, doubting myself.
    What am I doing wrong?
    or am I doing anything right?

    One day we’re happy
    the next, it’s as if all of the the natural disasters met.
    we’re two individuals that love too deep,
    yet too toxic for each other.
    We have shades covering our eyes like the sun avoids trespassing the window.
    But we are fools after all, because stubbornness is one thing we got in common.

  15. Juliette’s Third poem

    “Come on, just work I know you’re not broken.”
    What if I am?
    “You’re not. I double checked.”
    Not physically. Something… something else hurts.
    “What do you mean?”

    I don’t know how to explain it.
    “Well when did it start?”

    “I need you to tell me.”
    I’m not sure… maybe I always felt like this.
    “But you were fine before?”
    I’m not sure that I was.

    We’re we?

  16. Stephen’s Third Poem

    Is there a higher power, like a Deity or God?
    There are multiple theories, beliefs, and religions.
    But who is to say we are right or wrong?
    Who really created humans? Where did we come from?
    Some say we came from a different planet.
    Is our purpose (fate) to even stay on planet Earth or do we find another habitable planet?

  17. Poem #3:

    “What happened is between you and me”
    You say as you put your clothes on,
    Your shoes on, your mask on…
    “Did you hear me?”
    You asks. You always ask.
    Because everything is a question.
    I say.

    I always say
    The same answers
    Every time you asked
    Every time you’re here
    Before you disappear
    To your reality
    The one that matters
    To the woman that matters
    To the suburban life
    To your son,
    The love of your life,
    “What am I?”
    I ask,
    But my words never reach you,
    You’re too far away.

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