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ENGL210 Introduction to Creative Writing

Third fiction assignment (due Tuesday 03/26 at 6pm)

Write a conversation between two people where both of their moods change dramatically from beginning to end (happy to sad, angry to devastated…). Consider using the transcription assignment or today’s conversation about voice and style as inspiration. Post here by Tuesday 03/26 at 6pm. The conversation does not need to be a complete story, think of it more as an excerpt and experimentation with dialogue. The conversation should be roughly equivalent to a page double-spaced in a Word document.

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  1. Samantha Aversano

    “There I was walking along the fence, it was late at night and half of the street lamps had been broken and all the cement under my feet was cracked and sticking up.” James continued to tell his little sister, Stella, the story of how he got the scratch on his face.
    “What do you mean? How did they break?” She asked him. Stella was a very curious girl, possibly too curious for her age. She spent a lot of time in James room when her mother wasn’t giving her enough attention.
    “Shhh, you’ll understand when I’m done with my story. Anyways, I was just trying to get home after practice, my phone was dead so I couldn’t call mom and there was no way I was going to ask anyone driving past me for a ride.” James described his walk home as if he was talking in front of a campfire.
    “Why not? What could have happened?” Stella asked.
    “Anything could have happened. I could have been taken and murdered! I’d never been in this town before. You know what mom says about walking around in strange neighborhoods.” James continued.
    “Not to walk in strange neighborhoods?” Stella remembered.
    “Exactly,” James made sure to talk really slow and lowered his voice “so all of a sudden I heard a loud bang, and I look around me and I see a pair of glowing green eyes- maybe they were yellow. I didn’t stare for long because I could see it was creeping toward me, and its claws were dragging behind it.” James made a long screeching noise as if to mimic the monsters nails “I started running. Hoping that I’d find somewhere I could sneak into without it seeing me.”
    Stella’s voice started to crack she was regretting asking all these questions “James! What was it?”
    “It was some type of creature, it had patches of fur all around its body, in some places it looked like it had been ripped out. I could hear it panting heavily as it ran after me. It definitely wasn’t a dog, it was much larger, like the size of a bear. When I turned around it had these nasty looking teeth and it was foaming at the mouth. And I swear it followed me home, did you hear the scratching on the window during dinner? That wasn’t a tree branch like mom told you it was, it was definitely the creature.” James got closer to his sister and curved his fingers as if he was the monster.
    Stella started to cry “No James! It’s going to get into our house and eat me!”
    “Maybe it’s already in our house!” James said as he banged on his closet door with his fist.
    The loud noise scared Stella and she ran out of the room “MOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM!” She cried.
    “HAHAHA, That will teach you to stop annoying me!” James laughed in victory.

  2. Andy clocked into work and sat next to Andrew and told him of his experience in the Bronx. “The other day I was driving through the Irish side of the Bronx, come to think of it I think it might have been St. Patrick’s Day and I saw all of these people flooding the streets coming out of bars with pints of beer in their hands, the cops from the marching band went in and came out holding a pint as if nothing happened. It was insane leave it to the Irish to do such a thing”. As Andy was saying this he glanced over at Tommy and realized he was talking a bit loud and from the face Tommy was making, he did not seem to happy with what Andy was saying. Tommy walked over to Andy and said
    “Hey man I heard you say something about the Irish and drinking in public and something about “leaving it to them”, what is that about bro”.
    “Listen Tommy I meant nothing by I was just shocked and amazed at what they were doing. Last time I checked it is illegal to drink in public but they were just walking around as if it was Amsterdam. It was like a different world”.
    “I don’t care I feel extremely offended”…. As Tommy jokingly said “You think the Irish can drink like crazy, I think the Germans and Russians can out drink them any day. What do the Irish drink some type of coffee they call Guinness? As the Germans have an array of well brewed beers including Dos Eqius, maybe brewed in Mexico but the brew master at the time was German and the Russians have good old’ Vodka. I am just messing with you man, it doesn’t offend me at all I just like messing with people, catch them off guard.”
    “That’s good to hear, glad you were only joking. I would of hated to have offended you it was not my intent.”

  3. Hayley always greeted him first when she came through the door of the lab room, and today was no different. Her silky blonde hair streamed behind her as she took her seat next to him.
    “Hey, Hunter. Happy Friday.”
    He cleared his throat, “Happy Friday, Hayley.”
    She beamed, taking out her science notebook.
    All her smiles, so secretive and intimate, made him feel warm inside. He knew one day, he would make her his. He just had to wait until the time was right. Their flirty banter made it clear, that she was just as into him as he was she. He just needed to figure out when he should make his move.
    “So, are you going to Kim’s party this weekend?” Hayley asked, in that sweet tone of hers that always sent shivers down his spine.
    “Why? Do you want me to go to Kim’s party this weekend?” He replied in a teasing tone.
    She just smiled and shrugged, “I really think you should. It should be a lot of fun.”
    “Oh really…” He knew what her words really meant. She was insinuating he should go, so that they could finally be together outside of their stupid, high school science class, which limited their flirty banter to no end. She continued to giggle at stupid remarks he made throughout the class, and he was already picturing what he would wear to Kim’s party the next night. He was ready to dress to impress.

    Upon his arrival at Kim’s house, exactly 1 hour and 30 minutes late, just as he planned, he immediately began to scour the house for sight of his beautiful Hayley. He decided to send her a quick, cute but not too needy-sounding text.

    Hey, you at Kim’s? This party is a bore without you.

    Her reply came swiftly, and the feeling of confidence washed over him. He puffed his chest, warming himself up for what he’d been preparing to do for the past twenty four hours.

    Hey! Kitchen. Grabbing another beer.

    He took a deep breath, and slowly exhaled before making his way to the kitchen. He cracked his knuckles then shook his hands out, and sure enough, once he reached the kitchen he spotted her distinctly shiny, blond hair.

    “Hayley.” He gently called.

    But she didn’t hear. She was busy doing… something else. He couldn’t see what she was doing until… a manicured hand snaked around Hayley’s waist.

    His jaw dropped slightly, as he moved closer. Sure enough, Hayley was passionately making out with Gwen, a girl from his gym class.

    Finally, Hayley turned. “Oh. There you are, Hunter.”

  4. “What do you m-mean this book came like this?” Shinai held a tattered book in his hand. Being the head librarian was hard, especially when his own husband let things like this slip through the cracks.
    “The book came in like this. Can’t really say anything else about it.” Noel shrugged, clearly not understanding the mood, nor the implications of a torn book in a library.
    “Haven’t you looked at the name who borrowed it last?!” Shinai cries out, waving the book as if it was an offensive thing to actually.
    “Why would I?”
    “What—you know I just rearrange the books half the time!” he quipped, leaning on the closest book cart.
    “That’s not the p-point!” A sigh from the head librarian. “Y-you know, this is a good thing. We can replace it now.”
    “All that yelling for a book that’s easily replacable… you certainly are something, Shishi.”
    “Y-You’re lucky this even is replacable, Noel. What if it was a textbook—or even w-worse, a first edition copy?!”
    “Pay for a new one…?”
    Shinai wanted to bury his face in his hands. Sometimes, just sometimes, Noel was insufferable. “Please work with me here.”
    “I’m kidding, you know. If it were something that important, I’d chew ‘em out.” Noel smiled wryly, pulling Shinai for a hug. “Surely the book’ll be cheap. I’ll pay for it.”
    “… You don’t have to… but thank you, regardless.” But sometimes, Shinai thought as he leaned into the hug, he’s really selfless, even for small things like this…

  5. “Honey I’m home”
    “How was work?”
    “Fine, nothing eventful”
    “That’s great to hear, but I heard differently from George”
    “What did George tell you?”
    “That you guys went to the game with a client this afternoon”
    “Is that it?”
    “Yes, why? Was there more?”
    “Did George tell you about the girl he met at the game?”
    “They are going on a date next weekend”
    “Good for him! He deserves to get back out there again after Lindsey”
    “Yea seriously, she was nuts”
    “Agreed. I’m so happy for him!”
    “Me too. Hopefully, this works out for him”

  6. Hey, how’s it going? How are you? Long time no see!

    Oh..hey what’s up(God I really don’t like you) I’m fine I’m fine. Classes have been rough but i”m living(Why is she talking to me).

    Yeah, they are oh my gosh. Like I have this one class where the professor would not stop giving us pop quizzes. We had one, but thank goodness I passed with 100! Isn’t that great?

    Oh yeah absolutely(Geez, why does she do this. Bragging about this grade when I get C’s. I get C’s get degrees, but I’d love an A or two. I really have trouble in Calculus)

    Yeah, I’m a pro in this Calculus class. I can form a derivative like I’m painting a DaVinci piece, I’m really good at it. The math just comes second nature to me I guess. I’m sure you’re doing fine too!

    Yeah I guess, I don’t know I just need to practice a bit more…I’m trying to do the best I can(I don’t really like when she always gasses herself up like this. It’s really annoying).

    Oh really? Well maybe we can start a study group, I know that you’re more than capable to pass this class! You’re really smart! thanks. Sure we can meet at the park and maybe do a study session outside(That was nice of her I guess, maybe she isn’t as annoying as I thought)

    Sounds good! Also, I know you don’t like me that much, but maybe this could help us start to become friends again like we were before.

    Hopefully, I don’t know. Ever since you moved back to Arcadia Bay, things have been different, but with time I think we got this and maybe it’ll work out.

    Thanks so much! See you later


  7. Michael walked with Alexis to the bar, as he informed her, about his day. “How was your day,” he asked, as they sipped Long Island Ice Teas. “My day was fine.” “Have you started applying to colleges yet?” She asked. “I have and I hope I get in. “I just feel insecure, I mean what if my grades are not good enough, I do not want to be a failure. What will happen if I do not succeed.” He says. She replied, “You need to relax! What is meant to be yours will always find you. If you do not get into school right now, you can always re-apply. It is not the ends of the world, good Lord.” “Okay, I will try to calm down,” he says. “Do you want to order a bite to eat.” She says. “Yes sure,” he replied. “Well then, on a brighter note, I think I will have a strawberry shortcake milkshake, curly fries, and a burger. What about you?” “I think I will have a passion fruit smoothie, shrimp fettuccini, and asparagus on the side.” He says “Aside from college chaos, I went to gym, hung out with some friends, and now I am preparing for the prom. I think I want to ask Samantha. What about you? Are you going and who will you ask, if you do? “I would like to go with Robert, I hope he asks me.” She says. “ I hope he will, everything that is supposed to happen, will happen. Nothing can change that.” So soon after they ate their delectable meals, the two friends departed, and went respectably in their own individual paths. Michael went to his room, to get ready for the next day, and the new week of school. Alexis went home to tidy up for the next day ahead.

  8. Juliette’s assignment:

    “Hey. What’s up you said you wanted to talk?”
    “Yes. But it can wait until you get home, I would rather discuss this in person.”
    “Is it that important? You’re making me worry…”
    “It is important yes, but it’s nothing to worry about. It’s something that easily fixable.”
    “Fixable? What do you mean “fixable”?”
    “Like I said we will discuss this when you get home. For now just enjoy your time out.”
    “How am I supposed to do that when you’re being all secretive with me? You’re worrying me Mom, we don’t hide things from each other remember?”
    “Like I said before, we will talk once you are home.”
    “No. We are doing this now. Clearly something is going on and I want you to tell me. I’m not a kid anymore Mom.”
    “Fine, I know this will make you upset but today is the last day you are allowed to be around those people.”
    “Those people? Mom. Who are you talking about?”
    “Your “friends”. This is the last time you’re hanging out with them.”
    “Wait what? Why?! What’s wrong with my friends?”
    “They are distracting you from your responsibilities. You need to be home, and you have your classes to worry about. You can’t spend all your time wandering the streets. Unlike them, you have actual things to do.”
    “Excuse me? They are not distractions. “Those people” have helped me out more as of recently than you have! They actually understand what i’m going through and accept me for who I am. Unlike someone I know.”
    “Young lady. I am setting you up to be successful in the future. I have taken care of you your entire life. I know what is good for you. You have no idea what it’s like to be an adult, i’m only doing what I wished my mother had done for me as a child.”
    “STOP TREATING ME LIKE I AM A CHILD. I don’t understand. No matter what I do for you, it isn’t enough. It never is. There’s no pleasing you is there?”
    “Stop being so dramatic. I’m doing what’s best for you. It’s time to come home, say your goodbyes it is time to start being an adult.”
    “But when will you actually treat me like one? If you still see me as a kid despite everything we have been through then you will never see me as one. Im done talking about this. I will be home before curfew don’t wait up for me.”

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