Attentive Resistance

ENGL210 Introduction to Creative Writing

Second Poem (due Sunday 02/10 by 6pm)

Write a six-line poem in which each line compares an object or action to something it in no way resembles (unalike).

Post by Sunday at 6pm so we all have a chance to read each other’s work before class.

Here’s an example of a response to this prompt:

The last tooth fell out of the mouth girl

fell into her hair, tousled like egg water.

Then every step she took was devastating symphony

each drop of stench from her pores a typeset portraiture.

Well before she lost that third and favorite molar, her brows suggested virtuosic fluency.

She was fantastically received, always overheard with aching, arching breath.

18 thoughts on “Second Poem (due Sunday 02/10 by 6pm)

  1. They danced like construction workers.
    His soft touch was like a cheese grater,
    when he caressed her slimy face.
    They moved intertwined like two south facing poles,
    their dance was like watching static on a screen.
    He ended with a bow and she was no where to be found.

    -Samantha Aversano

  2. Roses as heavy as boulders,
    leaves stiff like boards.
    The gnomes guarding this garden are trained with samurai swords.
    With frosty dragons breath as the first line of defense,
    my false goat’s beard have nothing left to protect.
    This colorful and blossoming garden can only photosynthesize passion and strength.

  3. The night was cold like ice
    The storm spoke with sounds like growls
    The trees tapped on my window
    With thoughts of coming in to wake me up
    I lie in bed, a lifeless log
    I think with dreams about the day to come

  4. The air was sticky as a summer popsicle
    The weather was warm like a furnace
    The sun beamed down ferociously
    Rain droplets had fallen from the sky
    They kissed the heads of all humans
    Summer’s dew, had finally made its entrance

  5. The rain poured down, moistening her cracked, dry lips
    Soaking the bouncy curls out of her hair,
    Leaving her bright makeup to run down her face in a cakey, dark mess.
    In the gloom of the dark night, she’d never felt better.
    Inhaling the cold, wet air, her head filled with warm thoughts
    Of freedom and relief, from her sheltered, imprisoned life.

  6. A river is like a wall,
    The same way a mind is like a cloud,
    And money is like handcuffs,
    Which is like a trap that leads to an open door,
    Or an alleyway being a place of opportunity,
    And a body of water is a means to an end.

  7. Your face is like a fruit, rotten and forgotten,
    Your eyes like leaves shriveling up in fall,
    Falling slowly from the tip of the branch like the life you choose to live.
    Mother cries like broken strings on the violin
    You once played like blossoms in spring.

    I was the soil you once fed on,
    growing and flourishing and yet
    here you lay, a life in decay.

  8. They come and go flashing like a shooting star.
    They can be obscure and mysterious like the glance of a feline,
    or transparent and bright like pure water in a slow running river.
    They can make you suffer in the second circle of Dante’s Inferno,
    or they can make you gloriously rave in The Starry Night of Van Gogh.
    Silence lashes in the darkest circles of their eyes, like a spiral-hole to the galaxy.
    Be alert! These cruel hell’s angels will steal your soul until you live dead.

  9. A single voice, soft and desperate
    prays with the force of rapid rivers:
    it begins where it ends, with death as a guide
    this truth, unchanging like stone, please
    end my life as if it were nothing.
    My hope was frail and weak from birth

  10. He was an Eiffel tower, right there.
    Oh! memories, that like of blizzards of Himalayas.
    In that moment, lingchi, a death by a thousand cuts
    she felt in the core of her chest, the broken Parthenon.
    Bullet train was no match to her as she turned,
    pretending to be a ship heading towards the Devil’s Triangle.

    —Mursal Sediqi

  11. their stares are like latex gloved hands
    the lights pitch winter-night
    the tunnel fixes a bolt-tight ventricle lock
    the car is like the vacuum of space
    pre-recorded requests are arguments with an uncle
    the opened doors are a loose leash

  12. Remember when mother made you
    Stitching together her perfect little doll
    Bringing her prize to family show and tell
    To be the best little figure in the display case, even if you must pull apart the other’s seams
    For what are your friends to her bragging rights
    Without you, she would only have her washed out cloth to cover her cracked porcelain soul

  13. She said that love is in the air like a poisonous fog,
    And that she rather die like the earth
    He said he craved for her like a monster,
    And that he would love her like a hearth
    She said she didn’t need anyone, she is as lonely as a crow
    And he was too stupid to understand, broken as a stone.

  14. Juliette’s Second Poem

    The sunrise is a system reset.
    Life flows and powers like electricity
    Plants, animals, living things: programs that carry out functions.
    Death and decay are the malware and viruses of the living world.
    Time is ceaseless it moves like a stone but it still progresses.
    The moon begins to rise, and the system powers down, only to be rebooted the next day

  15. Stephen’s Second Poem

    Restless In Bed

    Voices echo off the walls in bed restless.
    Submerged in darkness surrounded by silence deafening.
    Noises amplified, thoughts drowned out.
    Lights peek through the blinds my mind plays tricks.
    A glance at the clock and time has gone so slow, perpetually slow.
    Try to fall back to sleep, in bed restless I sleep.

  16. You were something rather unexpected
    But I already knew you and I were always going to be connected
    For Dad and I, we’re Happy you exist
    Gender doesn’t matter, we both know you’ll be hard to resist.
    The day we see you, don’t worry honey these tears are of joy.
    It doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or a boy !

  17. Poem #2 Revised:

    Your face, a fetid fruit rotten,
    Your eyes shrivels as dead leaves do
    In fall, falling and floating about,

    I, the soil you once fed on
    To flourish, to grow,
    Yet here you lay,
    Memories forgotten,
    Your life in decay.

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