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ENGL210 Introduction to Creative Writing

Fourth Poem – due Tuesday 02/26 by 6pm

For the fourth poetry assignment (due Tuesday 02/26 by 6pm), you’ll be writing an “I do this, I do that” poem. The challenge is to find the aesthetic in the mundane. Let your ear (and eye) guide you through your world. It’s almost like a diary entry, but more purposeful. We learn a lot about the speaker through this kind of poem, but not because they tell us what they’re thinking. On the contrary, we see the speaker through what they’re doing and how they’re observing the world around them. Search for interesting elements, names, sounds, sights and bits of speech that will make your poem feel both true to your life but also engaging to your reader. Random yet specific moments of your daily life are your inspiration. Your poem should be at least fifteen lines. Re-reading the poems we read for Monday’s class as well as the O’Hara poems we read last week might help get the balling rolling. Also, here’s another O’Hara poem as an example.

15 thoughts on “Fourth Poem – due Tuesday 02/26 by 6pm

  1. Dammed If You Do, Dammed If You Don’t

    I have been pulled and directed into many paths that would possibly secure my future.
    I finally woke up one day realizing the achievable and unachievable, reality from fantasy. I felt fear of not supporting oneself and family.
    The fear of not making those you love happy.
    I prefer to put others before me compared to putting myself first.
    The feeling that hovers over me is like how a rain cloud roles in and dumps its rain onto civilization.
    With proper guidance one can be put down the right path.
    What I do now and how I do it impacts my future.
    I always think of my future, the one thing that always comes into my mind is future.
    In the end I like to have a back up plan, name of the game is to be prepared (as that saying was drilled into our heads in Boy Scouts).
    Most of our lives consist of working hard to reach our one goal and to either not achieve it or if we do we enjoy a lavish lifestyle once we retire.
    In the end I like to be happy.

  2. A tiny screen shines on my face
    Under covers that suffocate me in my sleep
    I prefer to be covers,
    So that i’m safe from the darkness.

    I go to bed at 2am
    even though I know I need to be up by 8.
    Even though I know I’ll hate myself in the morning
    That’s a morning problem.

    I wake up startled
    After dreaming about losing my teeth
    Do I go back to sleep
    And risk losing more?

    I stretch out my legs
    But get growled at
    By the monster who refuses
    To leave my feet.

    It’s still too early to get out of bed
    If I shut my eyes now I’m not getting up again
    I don’t know what will get me in my sleep
    So a tiny screen shines on my face.

    -Samantha Aversano

  3. I walk the walk, I talk the talk
    My voice is as bold as a Siren’s Song
    I do not cower in fear
    I take up the challenge
    I stare in the face of defeat
    And demolish it
    I am not a coward
    But a conquerer

  4. Don’t Worry
    By Alisha Matthews

    Don’t worry this won’t be another love poem,
    nothing about how Women aspire to be wives
    and Men aspire to be—Well Men.
    Don’t you love how depending on your shoes you tie them differently.
    if we are talking regular sneakers, the regular loopy loop might do,
    but if the drip is real and there, RETRO JORDAN 11’s, you tie them with a lot more ease,
    unless your lazy and tuck them in.
    I personally am taking a break from the dating game,
    The back and forth, the does he like me for me, or the,
    Is he talking to someone else gets boring?

    I know you FEEL me ladies.

    And what’s the problem girls can wear sneakers to,
    I prefer sneakers.
    Don’t get it twisted and say something when you see me in my crocs either.
    My tomboy ways are an addition to my girlfriend application.
    They should put a gold star on the top, so they know its real.
    Alisha Matthews GOLD MEMBER.
    And yes, I play a sport too.
    Id like to think I’m pretty good, but that depends on your perspective.
    I’m no Lebron James or Stephen Curry of volleyball, but I have something going for myself.
    Oh, and if you’ve never been to a game of mine, I knew you were never really for me.
    Don’t change yourself girl we have to stand together.
    Linked together like a wall, as long the great wall of china.
    They can’t take us all down, so lets RISE.

  5. I think something has been broken
    So I see a doctor
    I haven’t seen a doctor in years and had to schedule it myself
    A mall doctor, I wonder what those are like
    She takes my pulse and does an EKG too, just to be sure
    It’s all abnormal
    She’s alarmed but this is all nothing new to me
    My chest hurts
    I tell her as she calls the cardiologist in a hurry
    “Take this referral letter and the EKG results to her. She’s right across the street”
    I leave and the thing that strikes me the most is that the route to the cardiologist’s is shaped like a “Z”
    I get there and I can’t open the door
    It’s the wrong one
    I forgot to tell the cardiologist I have a history with anxiety and chest pains
    Maybe she would’ve been less confused over my benign results if I said so
    Maybe I went to the wrong kinds of doctors for this “broken” heart
    But they still tried and listened
    I think my heart is a little less broken now

  6. It would be easier to
    pretend everything’s fine,
    Yet I feign a smile.
    I could go outside,
    leave my house and socialize,
    But everything makes sense under the darkness of my blankets
    I don’t want to leave.

    It’s 3am, and I should sleep,
    Instead I listen to the voices creep
    in and whisper all the things that are wrong and false and lies
    and true

    It’s my favorite day, Friday.
    Unfortunately I wake up early,
    And I don’t get to have fun
    Because paranoia is setting in.
    I don’t have time for fun.
    Even though I should,
    Even though I want to
    There. Is. No. Time.

    I should be doing something,
    I end up doing nothing.
    Staring into space, wishing I was elsewhere
    feeling forgotten.
    But it’s my fault anyway, so who cares.

    I should smile more
    I should smile more
    I should smile more
    I should be happy

    But I don’t.
    I’m fine.

  7. A daily routine is a daily routine.
    You wake up you brush your teeth you drink water, because that’s your routine.
    And a routine is a routine so you do your routine.
    Don’t forget to smile at the nice lady at 5’o clock.
    She’s nice.
    Don’t forget to hold the door open.
    Don’t forget to stop at the bookstore on Warren street,
    And also get a coffee,
    Because that is routine.
    And also tell Chloe the new unicorn themed things at the store!!
    They are new. And they are unicorns.
    Don’t forget to turn right on Franklin street.
    At Chambers street it is time to put on lip balm.
    Keep your head down until Times Square.
    And no music in your ears until the 7 train comes
    Because that is routine.

    – Jessica Martinez

  8. How should I put this?
    My week? It’s normal I guess…
    Everyday is the same old thing
    Wake up, say hi to friends, go to class
    Study study study…..
    Everyday is about the same
    I’m a tiny hamster on a never ending wheel
    I go go go
    But is it really enough

    College is college
    Life is life
    Get a good grade, that’ll make you
    Something special
    Make someone with dreams that will hope to come true
    Be someone worth being proud of

    It’s a constant loop
    I’m just me….but am I really the person who I want to be?
    Is my life really what I want it to be
    I smile, but am I really happy?
    The people I once connected with.
    Is the connection still there?
    My friends….will they always be my friends
    I see these people everyday and I worry about this

    The future scares me
    Change is frightening
    Will I succeed living on my wheel

  9. I sleep and I wake
    Yet why does sleep claw its way back to my mind
    I yearn to be awake and take on the day
    Yet the drain from trying to move drags me down
    I continue my effort to rise
    Yet the pull is too great
    I reach to stop the alarm
    Yet the desire to sleep moves my finger to snooze
    I lay back down
    Yet the alarm rouses me again
    I continue this cycle until I am able to rise
    Yet the day before me taunts me
    I go through the morning ritual
    And the day beckons for my attention
    I am ready to take on the day

  10. i have 5 beers with Callum and he asks me to be a friend in a strange country
    i’m proud of my answer
    i walk in the door, listen to her and i know i’m going to leave
    i consider the timing and know it has to be now
    i open closet doors and pull out clothes stored away for bitter winters
    i collect items i know I never needed and reserve them for abandonment
    i run my hand over Jonsey’s oil slick fur and hope she’ll just forget me
I try to shove records in a space which they could never fit
    i stack books to give away like they never meant anything to me
    i decide to relinquish keepsakes i strung along for nothing
    i consider all the time I gave to a old nintendo console that’ll be gone forever
    i sit in a space i’ve quietly hated and hope i’ll never have to come back
    i open the door to our bedroom, lie down and wait for three hours
    then we fight

  11. I enter the cafeteria where the familiar screams and giggles and cries
    for Mister John to tie shoelaces rush through me
    I walk past tables of hi’s and hello Miss Roxanne towards the small library
    where torn books of children’s short stories
    and Christian fables and science experiments
    and nonsensical doodles on pages not quite read sleep waiting to be opened
    I wake them up touching each rough spine searching for the tale to tell for the day
    will it be Silverstein or Seuss?
    Dahl or Sendak?
    I remember the bright rainbows of Carle
    The goose the rabbits the cats of Potter
    I continue my quiet journey through memories of innocence of imaginations
    of all things that is and that could be
    Of once upon a times
    Of happily ever afters

    “Miss Roxanne what are we going to read today?”
    I turn to see little Chloë her red bow atop a head full of curls and mischief and
    of all things that is and that could be
    “Well, you’ll just have to wait and see.”

  12. soundtrack

    first thing in the morning, I need to function
    so on the music player goes
    I don’t wait for your approval
    I don’t care for your opinion
    no, it’s best to just listen to the music
    sometimes you don’t even need words
    the world fills it in for you
    makes the mundane interesting
    blends fiction to reality
    makes everything seem sweeter
    fills in a day in exciting ways
    but why take my word for it
    when i can simply show you?
    in this sky high scraper
    my divine bloodline’s hunt will continue on–
    execute a purge on all of my chores
    have i found a paradise lost after all my work
    or is the melody of water still guiding me–
    this day isn’t the cruelest
    i can push forward and life will change!
    oh, it’s nighttime again; i’ve built myself a patchwork staccato, haven’t i?
    today’ll just become a stardust memory, certainly

    maybe I can add one last song?

  13. Gray.

    They say,
    your body is your temple.
    But I have also been told,
    to be vain is sinful.

    They say,
    follow your heart
    But I have also been told,
    to pursue your desires is wrong.

    They say
    Work is a form of worship.
    But I have also been told
    to be greedy is evil.

    They say,
    there is Heaven.
    But I also know,
    of Hell.

    –Mursal Sediqi

  14. Today will be my most productive day.
    I will wash my hair and even style it
    I will wash my face and even do my makeup
    I will pick an extraordinary outfit and actually wear it
    I will make my breakfast and even feed my dog
    I will do the laundry and even put it away
    I will fix my bed and try to not lay back in it
    I will sweep my floors and maybe even mop them
    I will wash the dishes and maybe even dry them
    I will watch the news and actually pay attention
    I will get to work on time and maybe even a little early
    I will make dinner and actually eat it
    I will play some jazz and maybe even have a glass of wine
    I will have a bath and maybe even light some candles
    I will go to bed early and maybe even read a book before I do

    But first I must get out of bed..

  15. Hey. I just wanted to remind you I’m hurting.
    I’m like your alarm every morning taunting you with my baggage.
    I keep begging you in frustration to open your eyes.
    You’re losing me.
    I’m losing grip from that rope I promised to never let go of;
    But who am I kidding?
    That rope is thinner than the patience I have left.
    I’ve been ranting on and on and on about myself like a broken disk.
    I press pause on my life.
    what’s next? what do I have left in me?
    I don’t know who I am anymore.
    I walked out but with no gps to guide me to my destination.
    I was once Happy.

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