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ENGL210 Introduction to Creative Writing

Fourth Fiction Assignment (due Sunday 04/07 by 6pm)

For your fourth fiction assignment, pick any minor character from one of the fiction pieces you have written this semester and write from their perspective (you don’t necessarily need to use the first person but shift the perspective or focalization). You can even choose an inanimate object or place instead of a person if you want to get weird with it. Write and see what comes out of it. Length should be about one page, double-spaced in a word document. Upload here on the blog by Sunday 04/07 by 6pm.

4 thoughts on “Fourth Fiction Assignment (due Sunday 04/07 by 6pm)

  1. “Where are we going today? Steffy?” I asked my big sister. She was dressed in a booger green robe. She had begged me to pick out my own clothing, but I’m only three and and three quarters, I can’t even reach my top drawer, unless I climb, which Steffy yelled at me about last time. Instead I tried to steal a game controller from my brother Matthew, while he stared at the screen like he normally does.

    “Stephanie! I’m hungry! Could I have a poptart!?” Matthew screamed at Stephanie. He did that a lot. Ever since I learned how to walk I’ve wanted to go everywhere, he doesn’t seem to like moving at all!

    “Matthew! Get off your fat ass and get it yourself! I’m busy trying to get ready for my graduation!” Stephanie yelled back at him from her room. “Get Brian dressed for me! I already picked his clothing out, it’s on his bed!”

    “Yeah ok!” Matthew said to Stephanie, he didn’t move. That’s how a lot of our morning were.
    “Steffy! I want to get a balloon! Can I go play with it? Please Please Please.” I pulled on my sisters robe and pointed at the balloons in the back of the room. It felt like we’ve been here for HOURS. I was getting really bored. Steffy was on her phone anyways, tapping on the keyboard.

    She let out a sigh but got up and took me over top the balloons. “Just don’t pop them!” She pulled the string down for me and I was looking at myself in the glossy reflection. I squeezed it tight as if I was giving myself a hug. Than there was a loud pop, and I was just hugging air, so I let out a loud cry along with a few other people who were scared by the balloons loud pop.
    Steffy crouched down next to me and gave me another balloon to stop me from crying but also told me to not do that again. I sniffled but tried not to squeeze it as hard again. All of a sudden this girl ran onto stage, she was also wearing a booger green robe, just like my sister. My sister put her finger to her lips just like she does when Dads gone to bed, I knew it meant I needed to be really quiet. I continued to play with my balloon as Steffy listened to the girl on the stage.

  2. Being Hnerys older brother I can tell you from experience that he is known for over reacting and even over exaggerating. This one time when we were driving through the Amish country he said “Nick, mom, dad I see a tall darkish green figure standing in the middle of the cornfields”.
    This was about over a year ago and to this day I still think he was just seeing things. I can’t help but think maybe he is doing this for attention. We all love him and I treat him as all older brothers should treat their younger brothers, yea we have our arguments but we both express our brotherly love for each other.
    Could he really be that lonely and just not tell us. I just wish I knew what was bothering him. Then one morning Henry woke us all up or well tried to, he swore that there was a loud boom that came from the backyard. At first I did not believe him, I thought it was one of his exaggerated dreams.
    Not until we all heard a loud shriek come from the backyard and we all rushed outside to see what was the matter I could not believe what my eyes were seeing. It was a giant golden egg, smelt like rotten eggs but I felt bad for never believing Henry. He was telling the truth all this time and we all doubted him, only if we believed him he would still be here. I was thinking to myself and replaying every event, every memory, every moment we shared as brothers. I thought of this as I stood over his disfigured body.

  3. On the morning of the Incarnation, I am up early doing my daily work. I am the Alpha and the Omega. Today, it is my due justice to enter the wading souls into new bodies. Their first time as human beings.
    All of my angels have either served me in this life, or in their next life after transcending from being human.
    Neither one knows who they will be, where they will be, or what they will be. W The day of Incarnation is unique, but a pivotal one. I am more than excited for them to make their grand entrance.
    My home is in the stars among the never-ending galaxies. Today, it will be a memorable one, since I am incarnating new spirits into new bodies. I still have other up Here to keep me company and serve my presence, after all, I am the Greatest one.
    Without me, there would be no Heaven, nor Earth, no flowers to inhale, or crystals in the sky to adorn, I am excited the new spirits will finally have a body to reside in and to fulfill their purpose on this planet. I love them all and want to see them off, and for them to do well on planet Earth. It is with great excitement, I incur.
    For them, it is like a race. All of them as of them are soulless beings as of now, just jumping balls of energy, light, and live hood.

  4. Marissa failed to mention the part about this job where I’d be practically chauffeuring a 10 year old and her friends around, when she passed it down to me. I struggle to balance my bag, as well as the bookbags of the two young girls, as they chat and walk gaily in front of me.
    I take a deep breath, and force a smile on my face. This is the end of my first week working for Hailey’s family as Hailey’s nanny, and I refuse to make a bad impression. I refuse to stress, because I have already learned by now that 10 year old girls are terribly impulsive, and there is nothing I can do to control them.
    For now, I will just focus on taking Hailey and her friend Talia for pizza and shopping at the mall. Hailey wanted a playdate before her violin lesson at 5, and what Hailey wants, Hailey gets.
    “Hanne!” Hailey calls my name.
    The girls have stopped walking, waiting for me to catch up. I walk a little faster, “What’s wrong, Hailey?”
    “We decided we don’t want pizza anymore. We want frozen yogurt from Ed’s FroYo.”
    Talia nods in agreement, and I try not to grimace in response.
    “Ed’s FroYo… you mean the frozen yogurt place we walked past 15 minutes ago?”
    The girls shrug and nod, before looking back down at their freshly manicured, pink nails. The nails they insisted had to get done yesterday, so I took them, like the good nanny I am. And now, I will put another smile on, and ignore the way the straps of their bags dig into my shoulders.
    “Alright, girls, no problem. Let’s turn back, and get some frozen yogurt!”
    The girls turn their backs on me and walk back to where we came from, eyes glued to their phones while they talk. I swear, if Ed’s FroYo doesn’t have the best damn frozen yogurt I’ve ever had in my life…

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